Power Tools

Here is my collection of utilities
Also see Visual Studio Extension collection

Clipboard manager with clipboard history. Tiny and easy to use

FARR (Find and Run Robot)
Launchy program. I was using Slickrun but FARR is better. It supports plugins/addons

After using FARR I realized that Slickrun is better. Its size is much smaller and it also fulfills all the requirements.

Everything Search Engine. Locate files and folders by name instantly. Everything. Small installation file; Clean and simple user interface; Quick file indexing.  

Search utility which works with File explorer.

Utilizes Windows 7 Launcher feature. Use it if you have many pinned applications on your taskbar.

Worth replacement of default Notepad

Great editor with useful packages.

File comparison utility.

Excel comparison.

If you want to unlock your files.

Command Prompt replacement with advanced features

File explorer replacement

Open Source Password manager

Sync Outlook calendar with Google calendar

Log viewer utility

Keep Google 
Sticky Notes/ToDo List/Reminders utility by Google. Synchronizes with your phone.

If you are using many machines as Remote Desktop then its worth to use Terminals.


Visual Studio Extensions

Visual Studio Extension collection
Also see Developer Utilities

Productivity Power Tools 2013 
A set of extensions to Visual Studio 2013 Professional (and above) which improves developer productivity.

Highlight all occurrences of selected word 
This extends the editor to highlight all occurrences of a selected word and place a glyph on the left margin.

It gives you an easy way to ReAttaching your prior debug targets. Also stores your attach history for you and provides toolbar, menu and keyboard shortcuts for easy access.

VSCommands for Visual Studio 2013 
Collection of utilities like Code snippets, IIS, settings, colors, Main Menu, Attach, File Structure, sync, vscommands, output window, all caps, synchronize, debug as different user, code block end tagger, code block tagger.

Open Project Output 
Allows to open in Windows Explorer the Output Folder for current Project.

Global Zoom Level 
Makes the editor zoom level apply globally across all editor windows.

Ultra Find is a Find in Files substitute for Visual Studio 2010. Take advantage of Windows Search and sift through millions of lines of code in seconds.
Its 2010 extension but can be used with VS 2012 & 2013 using steps mentioned here.